Our municipality


Our municipality is in service of the town people in the building located on Atatürk Boulevard, Eyüpsultan District.

We are serving the town people and town with 1 Municipality Mayor, 20 civil servant, 18 permanent worker, 8 temporary worker and 10 workers for benefit of society, 57 personnel in total.


>> Our mission


To make AYVACIK "a town of peace and prosperity".


Mission is, in short, the personality of corporation, its identity and the reason of existence, the answer of for the question "what is my purpose of existence", and namely "Why i do exist?".

Municipalities are public entities founded for the purpose of cover the common civilized needs of town people. In developing and changing world, people's and cities' needs are quickly changing and gaining more variety. Parallel to economical and social development, societies with covered basic needs are having new demands. Municipalities, as being the corporate which serves in order to cover the town people's common needs, have to cover the needs of town people and city's development in a healthy and a sustainable way.

Municipalities are responsible of service in many various areas such as city planning, proper construction, infrastructure services like water, sewage and roads, parks, playpens, sports areas and facilities, routine workplace supervisions, precautions for order, cleaning the area, protecting the environment, social helping and cultural activities.

When observing the duties and authorities of municipalities, there is many responsibilities in every stage of human life from birth until death. Therefore municipalities are corporate which have strategically importance in terms of city development and covering the common needs of people.


Fulfilling these duties effectively makes the city a settlement of peace and welfare. For this reason, Ayvacık Municipality takes it as a mission to transform Ayvacık into a city in which people can live with peace and welfare.


>> Our Vision




Vision is a future attractive, secure and realist for a corporate. It is a hope, an ideal adopted by groups of people. With a more clear expression, Vision is the answer of a corporate for the question "What do we want to be".

Municipalities' services are specified for their own town people since they are public entities founded in order to serve the town people. Therefore, quality for municipalities mean services to be presented for town people having the desired properties.

Here we must care about the importance of effectively, efficiency and good timing too. When considering these terms; quality for municipalities means services those carry the properties expected, and effectively deliver the desired effects in proper time.

It is also not enough for a municipality service to carry the properties depending on the service itself and producing it in proper time period effectively and efficiently. Presenting this service to people in a pleasing way is also important too.

Expectations of citizens from municipality services are increasing every and each day in terms of quality and quantity. It is not only more service, it is also service of good quality.


Ayvacık Municipality determined its vision as performing the services expected with good quality and effectiveness, and becoming an exemplary corporate.