Funeral Operations


Funeral and burial OPERATIONS

Coverage of Funeral and Burial Process What is it?

Regulation regarding the implementation of the Law No. 3030 determined according to Article 21 of the cemetery, facilities and allocated to the task belongs to the metropolitan municipality.
Metropolitan municipalities for this purpose;
• When required, and if necessary, upon the proposal of the county or municipality directly, by appreciating the need for a new cemetery areas and facilities are able to identify,
• Provides layout and maintenance of cemeteries and shall identify the dead be buried,
• Washing the Dead, kefelen them and carry out services relating to burial,
• County municipalities, pre-allocates to lock the dead be buried cemetery and inform the relevant,
• examination of the dead, all task-related death certificate and transport carried out by the district municipalities.
Funeral and Burial Services What? Which Applies Transactions?
• the death of the deceased citizen reports, connected to the municipal health officer of the institution or health center doctor or taken from any doctor,
• morning for Operations, "death certificate" and the death of district municipalities with the birth certificate, which will be applied to health affairs directorate, death report, "Burying the warrant" is converted,
• When the death in hospital, burial permit is issued by the hospital. Who died in the hospital to perform the process of birth is wanted,
• Earlier in the death of those who receive family buried in the new cemetery operations, "the family plot documentation that the" t need to bring in,
• wash during the burial process, tools, morgue, burial place and the license fee is charged, (charging details may vary from municipality to municipality.)
• the village headmen who are not paying the required fees for the funeral and burial operations "certificate of poor" if they bring all transactions made free,
• If another city transport road transport Funeral district health affairs directorate received the document, ilaçlanıp mühürletil after transport will be provided for consideration by cooling funeral vehicles.