Constabulary Operations


2009 law offenses and penalties

Since Christmas begging, noise, having the sidewalk, consuming the tobacco bans smoking in places with £ 69 will pay an administrative penalty.

    Public order, public morality, health, the environment and administrative fines covered by issued Misdemeanours in order to protect the economic order, within 12 percent revaluation rate of the Ministry of Finance will be increased since the New Year.

    Accordingly, drunk as disturbing the peace of others, noise, having goods and services to sell to annoy others, sidewalk, begging, smoking where prohibited tobacco products consumption and identity inform those 69 TL administrative penalty to be applied.

    Weapons are not prohibited by law without a license from the competent authorities of the park, square, street or alley way in which people appear to be cut again to 69 per sentence.

    The penalties applicable to those who pollute the environment dedicated to the new year slaughter that the increase is the place for those who cut out, animal waste to quit street, unusable from household goods, their to quit the public place or street outside the day designated for the collection to be given to the 69 per sentence.

    Construction waste and residues outside the storage area the ancestors of people 140 and 4 thousand 261 TL, legal entities 140 to 7 thousand 105 TL, cooking and service locations in the businesses that cause environmental pollution shall pay a fine between 708 TL and 7 thousand 105 TL.

    The left motor and sea transport vehicles have become unusable in the streets or places of public persons 353 £, household waste and residues, while the ancestors of the people out of the way places that are unique gathering or storing $ 25 administrative penalty to be applied.

    Persons acting contrary to the orders of the police forces with those who gamble pays 140 per penalty will be given punishment from others to disturb the peace and causing noise sukuk 420 thousand businesses with 7 thousand 105 TL. The break down of construction material without the permission of the pavement person to pay an administrative penalty of between 140 and 708 TL.

    Squares or parks, streets or in publicly owned or wall space in the street edge cloth to areas belonging to private individuals without the consent and paper banners and ads wand and legal persons to persons who are acting contrary to recall obligations 140 4 thousand 261 TL in fines to be applied