Building Permit


What are the necessary conditions for Building Permit get it?

1. Immovable owner or legal representative of the construction land owned deed to be done, diameter from the cadastre offices and by applying our council with a petition of plot structuring according to the current development plan requirements, including the basis for the preparation of the project takes the zoning document noted

2- According to the zoning certificate given by the municipality; architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing (floor heating, central heating, insulation, elevator, etc.) projects are prepared in 3 sets.

3- All of these projects are to be applied to our municipal construction permit with. The project has no defects or mistakes municipality examining the grant of a license within 30 days. If there is missing or incorrect notified in writing within 15 days from the date of application deficiencies and projects will be refunded. After the deficiencies to be corrected within 15 days after the application license verilir.veril the construction period of the license is 5 years, it is necessary to start construction within two years from the date of license. Permits are required from the date of completion of the construction within 5 years. If by the expiration of the license period does not apply to municipal construction completed within 5 years of requesting renewal of the license. If the license renewal is not allowed to work, unlicensed construction process also serves to partially made parts.

Department of Housing and Urban Development 'you would have benefited, the documents required for the realization of the process are:

Request for Development Status: land for new applications, diameter, should be submitted with the petition. Pre-existing file, the file operations are performed. The payment of fees related to transactions made on the Collection Office.

Building Permit: Approved architectural, structural projects, installation projects, construction undertaking (or contractors commitment), and the shareholder: certificate of consent, TUS references to commitments made. To pay the fees associated with this procedure is done Collection Officer.

Settlement Application: Building use permit, building permit, the basic and fundamental made over visas,
insulation report received is made according to a document given to the structure project. Settlement processing with application forms and fees are initiated. Required correspondence is given inhabited results

What are the Required Documents for Construction Permit to buy?

1. petition for license
2. copy of the Deed
3. The power of attorney of the property owner (if required)
4. Application Show
5. Development Status (1 year)
6 will be the basis for static calculations of the construction engineers geotechnical soil investigation report
7. 3 Team architectural projects
8. Static 3 Team Project
9. 3 team Electricity Project
10. 3 Team Plumbing project
11 5th floor and lift the preliminary design for the building above
12. Heating with heating system for the building project
13. receivables from related chamber of engineers and project designers scientific record status updates mesullük undertaking documents.


Building can not be done without building permits within the municipal boundaries. In violation of the Turkish Penal Code that building without building ruhsatiye according to Article 184 or the license or make the person, is punishable by one to five years imprisonment. Building ruhsatiye the site was established so that construction started without electricity, water or telephone connection is punishable by up to five years to allow the person who made two years in prison. If done by unlicensed buildings Municipal Council Resolution 2009 with $ 1,000 for £ 51,000
Between owners and contractors to, it's also good to 1/5 (from $ 200 to S $ 10,200) for rendering the sentence is written in charge. It also decided that the destruction of the building is not taken license with unlicensed or if unable to get building.